Jews Should Be Racial Deleted From The World, Leaving Not One Jew

Jews Should Be Racial Deleted From The World, Leaving Not One Jew: So I’m surfing the net looking for a new rat’s nest of idiocy to expose in the ACPOTI (Anyone Can Post On The Internet), and I was lucky enough to run across The guy who runs the page claims to be into “libertarian socialism” and “radical traditionalism”. I’m not sure exactly what either of those is supposed to be, but apparently bombs have something to do with it since the site owner includes instructions for building them. The forums are full of spam and lots of anti-semitism. They also feature instructions on how to build a nuclear bomb and a hitman advertising his services. I should get a medal for trolling through all of this garbage just to find freaky ACPOTI material to entertain all of you. Who knows what sort of list I’m on at the FBI now. I can just imagine…

Agent 1: “Hey Agent Starling, look at this one! He has been to racist sites, radical Islamist pages, conspiracy pages…& he runs a page called “Right Wing News”!

Agent 2: “Did you say “Right Wing News” Crawford? That sounds like it could be an extremist page!

Agent 1: “Holy Moly! It’s worse than I imagined! I’ve found a Saddam Hussein Fan Club, a Guide To Anti-Americanism, & he claims to have access to something called a Ronald “Maximus” Reagan M-Class Mech Warrior! We better have Will Graham run him in for questioning!

You see the risks I’m taking to shine some daylight on these people for your amusement? One of you should buy me a Segway off of my wish list or donate so much money to my Paypal account that I can afford to gamble like Bill Bennett just as a thank you…(Cont)

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