The Families Of Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Rewarded For Their Reckless & Criminal Behavior

The Families Of Illegal Immigrants Shouldn’t Be Rewarded For Their Reckless & Criminal Behavior: It seems the US is responsible for the death of of 14 illegal immigrants? How you ask? By not making it easier for them to illegally sneak into the United States…

“The families of 14 illegal entrants who died crossing the desert east of Yuma in May 2001 have filed a $42 million lawsuit against the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The lawsuit claims federal border policy forced the immigrants to enter through a treacherous desert area southwest of Tucson known to have little water and that Humane Borders was refused permission to place a water station “in the exact area” where the crossers died.

The lawsuit, filed April 30 in U.S. District Court in Tucson, seeks about $3 million for the families of each of the victims for damages including pain, suffering, grief and expenses.

The border crossers spent five days trekking across the desert in temperatures of more than 110 degrees. The U.S. Border Patrol found the first survivors on May 23, 2001.

The day after the incident, the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and Wilderness Area placed seven Humane Borders flags marking wildlife water stations migrants could use.

That decision showed the government felt placing water in the desert for people would save lives, said James Metcalf, one of three attorneys who filed the lawsuit.

“They’ve got all kinds of critters. They also seem to have some human beings running around out there. These folks are still human beings who die at alarming frequencies, and they’re aware of that,” he said.

By allowing water stations in areas where it formerly prohibited them and by setting up emergency call boxes to save the lives of illegal entrants in the desert, the government has acknowledged people need help to make the journey, he said.

“The government doesn’t assume responsibility unless they in fact have one,” Metcalf said.”

I’m sorry to hear that those people died, but I’m not sorry to hear that “federal border policy forced the immigrants to enter through a treacherous desert.” The more treacherous and dangerous it is, the less people will try to illegally enter our country. Personally, I’m against putting out any water, phones, or doing anything that could conceivably make it easier to sneak into our country. To the contrary, I support putting troops on the border, using Predator spy planes, and doing everything within reason to stop the flow of illegal aliens.

We already have millions of illegal aliens in our country who obviously have no respect for our laws, don’t pay their fair share in taxes, use our government services, and siphon off the resources of our schools, jails, and hospitals. We need to crack down on these people and make every effort to secure our borders against illegal aliens, drug runners, and even potentially against terrorists who could easily creep across the border into our country.

I would have no problem with setting up a worker program with Mexico so that people who want to work in the United States can do so legally. In fact, such a program would probably be welcomed by the millions of Mexicans who do respect our laws and who are patiently waiting their turns to enter our country legally. But, we should have zero tolerance for illegal aliens and do nothing to make it easier for them in the United States. That means their children shouldn’t be able to go to school here, they shouldn’t be able to get driver’s licenses, and there should be no water stations in the desert. If they don’t like that, then just maybe they’ll stay home, which would suit most Americans just fine.

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