Jon Stewart Is An Idiot

I used to think Jon Stewart was funny. Sure he bashed Bush, but he at least gave the Democrats their due as well.

Now his jokes go in this order; Republicans, the media, and Joe Biden. Once in a blue moon he might take a light jab at Pres. Obama. Which is absurd considering the wealth of comedy to be had at President Obama’s enormous ego, his addiction to his teleprompter, and his constant need to bow to other world leaders.

Sometimes you can tell when something really gets to Stewart. You can see he is clearly ticked. Ironically last night right after describing how he can’t understand how the right loves Sarah Palin and the left cannot stand her, he goes into a diatribe about why he hates Sarah Palin.

Then he shows clips of conservatives on different news programs describing why liberals hate Palin. The last clip shows Bernie Goldberg saying that liberals hate Palin because “she has five children, liberals don’t have a lot of children. She has a Down syndrome child, liberals don’t allow that in their lives.”

Stewart then leans over to the picture of Goldberg and says “F*** you.”


Then he looks into the camera and says “Democrats don’t have a lot of kids?” And a picture of Eunice Kennedy Shriver pops up and he says “Eunice Kennedy had nine kids.” Then a picture of the Special Olympics pops up and he says, “I guess she began Special Olympics to mock kids with Down Syndrome.” It was one of those moments when he looked really ticked.

Does anyone else find it amusing that he had to pick a Democrat who was 88 yrs old (she died earlier this year, so he couldn’t even find a live Democrat I suppose) who had a lot of kids? I guess he couldn’t find a Democrat who had a Down Syndrome child at all, so he just used the example of her starting Special Olympics. But the irony there is that unlike almost all Democrats, Eunice Kennedy Shriver was pro-life……. just like Sarah Palin.

So Jon Stewart ended the segment with a joke he didn’t intend to make. The joke (sad though it is) is that liberals can’t even see the obvious in front of them. Bernie Goldberg was right.

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