Just A Warning: I Ban “For McCain” Spam

Bizarrely, the McCain campaign is encouraging people to spam the comment sections of blogs with John McCain talking points in return for “McCain Online Action Center” points.

What a great idea, right? I mean, everybody loves spammers on the net! Oh, wait…no, they don’t. Also, what exactly is accomplished by posting off topic talking points on blogs? Maybe it’s a search engine thing?

Whatever the case may be, it’s annoying and unhappily, RWN is on their spam list.

If the McCain campaign would like some more publicity here at RWN, they have a standing offer for an interview with McCain or his veep, whoever that turns out to be, from now through the election. But, don’t fill up the comment section with crap. It’s annoying, it doesn’t really achieve anything, and it looks tacky. Somebody over there should have shot that idea down before it ever went live.

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