Kentucky man ‘tortured his neighbor’s dog to death by feeding it meat-wrapped razor blades… simply because it barked’

Kentucky man ‘tortured his neighbor’s dog to death by feeding it meat-wrapped razor blades… simply because it barked’

There is a saying ‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself’. Unfortunately, Kentucky police discovered that a man tortured his neighbor’s dog to death by feeding it razor blades wrapped in Canadian bacon simply because it barked too much.

Dog killed with razor blades

Robert Hamme, 60, of Elizabethtown was arrested for animal torture on Sunday after admitting that he left the deadly treats in his neighbor Jim Stotts’s yard for the family’s dogs to eat, according to a police report. The Stotts had been forced to put their 14-year-old beagle mix Nibbles to sleep after finding a mysterious blockage in his intestines that put the dog ‘in agony.’

‘Every time he tried to drink, he would throw up in the water bowl,’ Stotts told WLKY.

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‘He’d lay down and look up at me and crawl towards me, you could tell he was in serious pain,’ Stotts added.
The family couldn’t afford the operation that might have saved their dog’s life, so the beloved pet was put down to end his suffering. On the day of Nibbles’s death, Stotts found his other dog, Bolt, chewing on a piece of Canadian bacon in his yard. Stotts discovered ‘broken pieces of razor blade stuffed in the straight side’ to conceal the deadly objects. He found two other pieces of Canadian bacon in his yard containing razor blades and small nails, and believes a fourth piece was responsible for Nibbles’s death.

Elizabethtown police had gone to warn Hamme about meat in his own yard when he admitted to leaving the bacon-wrapped blades for Stotts’s pets, according to The News-Enterprise. Stotts claimed that Hamme often complained about dogs in the neighborhood barking, but he believes there was no justification for killing his dog and calls what Hamme did ‘an evil act.’

Hamme was charged with two counts of animal torture, one of which is a felony that carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

How unfortunate that this man chose to torture something smaller than himself he now has 5 years to think about it.

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