Killing Iran’s Nuclear Threat One Scientist At A Time

After reading through the Wikileaks stories and seeing this story, I think the spy novels we read, and the spy movies we see aren’t really that fictional.

The U.S. believes that Iran is developing a nuclear warhead. Iran insists it’s all for peaceful purposes. We all know that is a lie though. This is so serious that someone is killing off Iran’s nuclear scientists. Iran is accusing the west (that would be us) and Israel.

In January Masoud Ali Mohammadi, an expert on particle physics, was killed by a remote-control bomb strapped to a motorcycle as he was leaving his Tehran home on his way to work. Just recently Majid Shahriar, an Iranian nuclear scientist, was killed, and Fereidoun Abbasi, a nuclear physicist, was seriously injured, when bombs that were stuck to the windows of their cars exploded as they were leaving their homes in Tehran. Motorcyclists rode up beside their cars, stuck bombs to the windows and took off, seconds later the bombs went off. How horrifying is that??

As the Guardian points out:

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Both men were senior figures in nuclear research. Abbasi, a former Revolutionary Guard, is named in a UN Security Council resolution imposing sanctions on Iran as working in banned nuclear activities with Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the scientist accused by western governments of running a secret nuclear weapons programme.

Also related is the fact that earlier this year a computer worm, Stuxnet, hit the computers at the Iranian industrial plant aimed at the nuclear program. Ahmadinejad admitted the worm had affected Iran’s uranium enrichment.

Add to this covert mixture of death and spying, we read in the Wikileaks cables that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had urged the United States to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities. If you have imagined that Iran posed no real threat to us, think again. These are serious deadly measures that are being brought upon Iran. This wouldn’t be happening if the threat weren’t real.

Is it possible that the United States could be carrying on a covert operation that kills civilians in Iran? Maybe this administration would rather kill a few scientists than to bomb a facility? Is it Israel? They certainly have more to fear from Iran.

According to the IRNA, the head of Iran’s atomic energy agency, Ali Akbar Salehi has said to those behind the killings of the scientist, “Do not play with fire. There is a limit to the Iranian nation’s patience and if we run out of patience the enemy will suffer adverse consequences. Of course we still maintain our patience.”

Robert Ludlum couldn’t write this stuff better.

We are living in scary times. Scary Times.

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