“Knockout Game” Victim Hit After Admitting He Wasn’t Carrying a Glock

For the record, if four “male juveniles” approach you and ask if you have a gun, the correct answer is, “Yes.” Every time:

Neptune Beach police were called to the intersection of Fourth and Davis streets after a possible robbery occurred on July 31 at 10:31 p.m. A witness called police after she saw a male juvenile punch a man in the face, apparently without provocation, as he walked alone along the beach earlier in the evening.

At the scene, four male juveniles were being followed on foot by two men. Police arrived and took the four boys into custody.

The victim told police that he believed the boys were playing the “knockout game.” He said he was approached on the beach by one of the boys who asked him if he had a “Glock.” The man was punched after admitting that he was unarmed.

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And that’s why the answer is yes, every time:

Fearing that the boy would continue to hit him until he was unconscious, the man grabbed at a folding knife that he had tucked into his waistband and pretended to have a gun. The boys fled, and the man enlisted the help of his neighbor to search for the boys.

See. They don’t know better.

Always say you’re strapped.

Or better yet, actually be strapped. Then you won’t be lying.

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