Know Thy Enemy: Hillary Clinton

The Top 10 Things Frank J Didn’t Find Out From Hilliary’s Book: Hillary Clinton has a book out! I know all of you must be racing to not read it, but I’ll save you the trouble and not read it for you. Here are top 10 things I didn’t find out from the book…

10) Exactly how many people she estimated her universal health plan would kill.

9) That Chelsea Clinton was played by a child actor.

8) Whether she shot Vince Foster execution style or gangsta style.

7) What are the exact details of her pact with Satan.

6) Whether her banshee-like scream can cause people’s heads to explode just like if she were a Scanner.

5) Whether regular bullets can kill her or do you need to use silver ones.

4) That every time she lies, her thighs grow larger.

3) How many genetic scientists did she kidnap to make flying monkeys for her.

2) For what purpose does she like to drink the blood of small children.

1) Who would win in a fight between her and Aquaman.

If you enjoyed this satire by Frank J., you can read more of his work at IMAO .

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