We’ll Be Living In Unibomber Style Shacks If Greenpeace Has Its Way

We’ll Be Living In Unabomber Style Shacks If Greenpeace Has Its Way: When Conservatives like me call groups like Greenpeace, “environmental whackos” and “extremists”, we’re not exaggerating. Just look at this article called, “Greenpeace tells coal industry to shut up shop” in the Sidney Morning Herald and you’ll see what I mean…

“International environmental watchdog Greenpeace yesterday called on the coal industry to stop producing coal and to invest instead in clean and renewable energy.

“The coal industry bears a heavy responsibility in inflicting damage to the environment,” a Greenpeace statement quoted one of its activists as telling a conference of coal companies in Bali.

“This industry should stop promoting coal and start investing in renewable energy,” the activist, Red Constantino, was quoted as saying.

Greenpeace said Constantino told delegates at CoalTrans Asia 2003, an annual gathering of the world’s largest coal companies, to act against the threat of climate change caused by burning coal.

“The coal industry needs to clean up its act. Because of climate change, the only way it can do this is to phase itself out starting today, not tomorrow,” he said.”

The coal industry should just, “phase itself out?” Well then we better get used to California style blackouts all across the world — except 10 times worse. I say that because coal “provides around 39% of the world’s electricity.” What are we supposed to replace all that coal generated power with? Windmills & solar power are too inefficient to ever be a really major source of electricity and these same activists strongly oppose bringing new oil wells or nuclear plants online. So again, what are we supposed to replace all that coal generated power with? The honest truth is that the environmental activists don’t want to replace it at all. That’s because like some of us have been pointing out for a while now, Greenpeace and their ilk are radical Luddites who have an agenda that is way out of the mainstream.

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