KSM, cowardly conservatives… and Obama the punisher?

The Khalid Shaikh Mohammed backlash has been quite the spectacle. From Holder’s hearing today to Obama predetermining the outcome, this has been really unbelievable. Pulling the trial out military tribunes and moving to civilian courts is a fundamental change in how we deal with criminals. The options, as I see it, are this:

1. They don’t believe we are at war.

2. They don’t care we are at war, politics are more important.

Rudy Guiliani pointed out this morning on a conference call that those that bombed Pearl Harbor would never have been tried in civilian courts. Have we really shifted our views so much that we’re willing to make these changes? Apparently.

Even more distressing is the weird contrast from our President on the issue. From Ace of Spades:

“I don’t think it will be offensive at all when he’s convicted and when the death penalty is applied to him,” Obama told NBC’s Chuck Todd.

When Todd asked Obama if he was interfering in the trial process by declaring that Mohammed will be executed, Obama, a former constitutional law professor, insisted that he wasn’t trying to dictate the result.

Not that I have a problem with him being convicted. I mean, the man committed a heinous crime, and changed our world forever. He confessed. But predetermining the outcome is so very, well, not American. Does he not think that his public assumption that KSM will receive the death penalty will have any impact on the outcome of the proceedings? Because if that’s the case, he’s so very wrong.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Lefties have decided that we’re “cowards”. Sister Toldjah nails it:

Let’s see. You’ve got one side desiring to protect sensitive intelligence information from the eyes of Islamofascist thugs who want to kill Americans abroad — including our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan — and both military officers and civilians here at home, a side hungry for justice to be carried out against admitted terrorist brutes like KSM, and you’ve got some on another side that is operating under the shameless pretense of “wanting justice” for 9-11 victims but who in realilty apparently have no problem with the possibility that sensitive national security information will be revealed in the process — and in fact wishes for such information to be revealed in order to put the evil Bush admin on trial, a side where not many are particularly interested in justice for the 9-11 victims but are apparently more interested in being pro-”justice” against their political opposition — a position that presents a clear danger to both Americans and their interests both at home and stateside. This isn’t about “justice” for the left — it’s about “revenge.” Interesting, when you think about it, because they’ve been telling us for years that the courtroom is not supposed to be about “revenge” but about “fairness and justice under the law.” Um, just who are the “cowards” again?

Preach it , Sister.

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