LBGT Mafia Holding Grammys Hostage by Performing On-Air GAY WEDDING

LBGT Mafia Holding Grammys Hostage by Performing On-Air GAY WEDDING

grammyFirst they hijack the Rose Parade by sticking a Gay wedding among the floats ruining a time honored American tradition.For their next act of cultural apartheid, the producers of the Grammys, who are probably Gay themselves, are throwing in 34 couples of varies ages, races and sexual orientation to make a heavy handed political statement right in the middle of an award show.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

I guess enjoying the musical talents of the top performers in the world is asking too much.These know-it-all elites feel the need to force feed a particular agenda down our throats.

I’m clicking the remote to Animal Planet.I just hope they don’t stick a Gay wedding there too.

NY Times reports at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, pop’s megastars will compete for the music industry’s most prestigious trophy, and put on flashy performances that are sure to ricochet through social media.

But the producers behind the program, which is to be broadcast live by CBS at 8 p.m., are hoping that the biggest show-stopper of the night will be a much more solemn event: an on-air wedding of 34 couples – gay, straight, old, young, of many races and many colors. The ceremony will be part of the hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s performance of their Grammy-nominated song “Same Love,” which became a marriage-equality anthem last year just as that issue was drawing intense national attention.

Mr. Lewis, the group’s producer, said that the weddings “will be in our minds the ultimate statement of equality, that all the couples are entitled to the same exact thing.”

The segment follows what the Grammy organizers said was the show’s long history of addressing timely social issues through music, like Elton John’s duet in 2001 with Eminem, who was then widely criticized as homophobic.

“We’re serious about this,” said Ken Ehrlich, the longtime producer of the Grammys.

Yet as part of a televised awards show that works hard for its ratings, showbiz will also play a part in this sacrament. Queen Latifah will officiate at the nuptials, and Madonna will join the number with Macklemore, Mr. Lewis and the song’s featured vocalist, Mary Lambert.

Grammy organizers said they knew that controversy might be inevitable, given those who oppose gay marriage or who might see the segment as trivializing a serious matter.

“I expect that people with all kinds of opinions might voice them, and that’s healthy,” Neil Portnow, the president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which presents the Grammys, said when asked about the potential response.

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Since their already making a mockery of marriage, why don’t they cut to the chase and have on-air divorce court with the same couples?Throw in some Planned Parenthood counselors and they could have an on-air abortion or two.Go for the gusto!

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