Leftists Cheer for Limbaugh’s Death

Yeah, yeah. I know. Both sides do it, right?

No matter how many times radicals say it, there remains an unmatched demonological death-wish culture on the left. DaTechGuy predicted it yesterday, with reference to Rush Limbaugh. See, “Let’s see how nice liberals can be…“:

…now that Rush apparently is in the hospital with chest pains…

DaTechGuy then updates with Ann Althouse’s post, “‘I hope he dies’.” Ann links to Lee Doren’s tweet from last night:

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More at Memeorandum. Also, at Legal Insurrection, “They Shouted ‘You Die!’ (there’s a little roundup of reactions there). And, Snark and Boobs, “Rush Limbaugh in Serious Condition. The Left? Disgustingly Giddy,” and Pirate’s Cove, “Limbaugh Hospitalized, Left Hopes For His Death.”

See also, “Socialism’s Psychopathology of Death and Destruction.”

RELATED: ABC News, “Rush Limbaugh ‘Resting Comfortably’ at Honolulu Hospital: Limbaugh Taken to Hospital for Chest Pains, Reportedly on Medication for Back Pain.”

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