Left-Wingers Who Want American Troops & Contractors To Die

Gabriel Ash is a columnist whose work has appeared on an eclectic melange of leftist and Islamic websites. For example, he is regularly published in the Yellow Times and has also had his work used by Common Dreams & Counterpunch. But on the other hand, his columns have also appeared at Al Jazeerah & Jihad Unspun.

I want you to read part of what Ash has to say in his latest column at the Yellow Times,
”How to make America get it’

“…Washington’s capacity to absorb embarrassment is infinite. The Shia clerics are likely to discover that only when their threats become dead serious will the U.S. cave in. Given how much the Pentagon wants to maintain Iraq as a new vassal state and a strategic military base, threats probably won’t be enough. The Shia leadership will have to demonstrate a capacity for organizing effective resistance.

Here, too, the lesson of the steel tariffs is not without merit. While Iraqis have every right to shoot and kill occupation soldiers, that isn’t necessary the most effective way to influence George Bush. Quite a few of the people who fund Bush’s election campaign are involved in the latest corporate gold rush (“reconstruction”) in Iraq. Attacking their interests might be a quicker way to get the president into listening mode. The lives of American soldiers are dear, but four more years in the White House are priceless.”

Yes, you’re reading that right. He’s believes the “Iraqis have every right to shoot and kill occupation soldiers” and he’s suggesting that the “Shia leadership” organize resistance. Furthermore, he even wants them to murder the contractors in Iraq. So they see a guy bringing a truck full of food to a starving village, they shoot him. If they run across a bunch of Italians building a girl’s school, they toss a grenade at them. Would this editorial even appear out of place on an Al-Qaeda website? My guess is that it would fit right in.

But do you want to know the best part of all this is? Here’s Ash’s tagline at the end of his editorial…

“Gabriel Ash was born in Romania and grew up in Israel. He is an unabashed “opssimist.” He writes his columns because the pen is sometimes mightier than the sword – and sometimes not. He lives in the United States.”

That’s right, Ash grew up abroad but now he’s right here, encouraging Shias to murder Americans from the United States itself and getting it published on a left-wing website. Is that not ironic?

Sadly, I can’t say that seeing a column like this at the Yellow Times surprises me at all. When you have so many people on the left claiming Bush is an illegitimate President, another Hitler, who’s raping Iraq for oil and to help his buddies at Haliburton, why should we be shocked to see that someone took a babystep forward from Ted Rall’s “Why We Fight” piece and openly supported murdering Bush friendly GIs and contractors?

***Update #1***: I just noticed that the Smirking Chimp ran this same editorial by Ash. Worse yet, they have open comments on their page and at the time of this update there isn’t even anyone DISAGREEING with Ash. I guess calls for the murder of American soldiers and contractors isn’t even making people on the left bat an eye these days.

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