Toasting The Lack Of Anti-Semitism In Europe With Adolph Hitler Wine

Anti-Semitism in Europe? No way, nope, couldn’t be. They just loathe the Israelis, not Jews…isn’t that basically what we keep hearing?

Christmas sales of Adolf Hitler wine have reached a record high thanks to publicity generated by attempts to ban it in both Brussels and Berlin.

Wine-grower Alessandro Lunardelli started selling the bottles of Hitler wine in 1995 after the success of his Mussolini label back home in Italy.

He has already made a fortune but says this Christmas sales have “gone through the roof” thanks to the interest generated by publicity over attempts to ban his wine.

…The Hitler wine is on the market with the slogan “One People, One Empire, One Leader” and has variations with pictures of Rommel and Goering.”

Can the last Jew in Europe who immigrates to Israel or the United States turn out the lights on their way out?

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