Lesbian Sues eHarmony Online Dating Service By La Shawn Barber

Love, love, love!!! Ain’t it grand?

I laughed out loud when I read that a a lesbian was suing Christian online dating service eHarmony for discriminating against her because she sleeps with women. Nitwit. It reminded me of the bozo who sued eHarmony for rejecting him because he was married but separated. It’s a service for singles. Get it? Singles. There’s no such thing as almost single.

Running a business is risky. You create something from nothing, try to do some good in the world, and end up getting sued by people with too much time on their hands and too few brain cells in their heads.

Online dating. It’s come a long way. I know a woman who found a husband (what a retro expression!) on eHarmony. She encouraged me to sign up. What do I have to lose?

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I was a member of eHarmony, very briefly a few years ago, and I can attest to the thoroughness of its patented Compatibility Matching System. The questionnaire covers 20+ “dimensions of compatibility,” which includes questions about religious beliefs, sense of humor, character, intellect, and so on. The idea is to match you to someone as closely as possible using a wide range of factors.

My heart wasn’t in it, and I let my membership lapse. I did communicate with someone, but I closed contact after he dragged his feet about showing me a photo of himself. I’m sorry, but looks are important. If someone is hesitant to show you what he looks like…

Of all people, I understand that photos may not accurately reflect someone’s true appearance. I’ve been told many times that my pictures on this blog don’t do me “justice.” I was as nervous uploading my photo as he probably was, but…I’ve got to see the face. Know what I mean?

I am pleased to say that I won’t be renewing my eHarmony membership anytime in the foreseeable future. 🙂 (I like doing that.)

Anyway, back to the lawsuit. EHarmony’s mission is to bring people together for relationships leading to marriage. There is no such thing as marriage between two men or two women. And as a private entity, eHarmony can offer or withhold its services to whomever it chooses for whatever reason.

Aren’t there plenty of online dating services for homosexuals? I mean, if you’re a lesbian, why would you go looking for women at a dating service created by an evangelical Christian? Strange. Perhaps this lesbian tried to become a member simply to find out whether eHarmony had policies against helping homosexuals hook up.

Two questions for you, and don’t be shy:

1) What’s your opinion of the lawsuit?

2) Have you ever used an online/offline dating service? (I’m nosy!) If so, did you find your spouse or current girlfriend/boyfriend using the service?

Update: A commenter writes: “Yes, I used eHarmony to find the wife God had for me. We met in 2003, married in 2004 and now have two children. I can’t say enough about the site and how I think it is great for people who are serious about being introduced to people who could be their spouse. I don’t recommend this site for people who want to just get dates, use one of the other ones for that.”

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