They Paid £400,000 To Come Up With This?! By Solomon

Bwahaha! Some people think it looks like a swastika or the SS symbol, or a smashed something or other. I didn’t know what the heck it was, only finding out it was a stylized “2012” after I read an article about it. Even the colors are ugly.

Bosses of the 2012 Olympics were plunged into a fresh row last night after spending :£400,000 on a controversial new logo for the London Games..

In a move billed as the most significant event since London beat Paris in 2005 in the race to host the Games, the organising committee unveiled a striking, jagged emblem as the official symbol for the Olympics.

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Aimed at the younger, “internet generation”, it will will also be used as the logo for the Paralympics and will be crucial to hopes of raising private sponsorship for both events.

Based roughly on the figures 2012 and apparently inspired by graffiti artists, the image – which replaces an earlier logo devised for London’s bid to host the Games – was hailed as “dynamic” and “vibrant” by organisers…

…But the logo, which cost :£400,000 and took the best part of a year to be devised by brand consultants Wolff Olins, came up against widespread disapproval yesterday, with one Jewish person even ringing the BBC to complain that it was reminiscent of the infamous Nazi SS symbol…

I don’t know about that, but it sho is ugly. Consultants…

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