Let’s rebut some Lefty protest signs!

Just for fun:

When Republicans win legal elections and then advance legislation by following all appropriate laws and rules, that’s tyranny. When Democrats subvert the system by ignoring a legal obligation to appear on the Senate floor and mobs take over the State Capitol in an attempt to intimidate the Legislature, that’s democracy.

Got it.

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Governor Walker silences voices, he said, amid thousands of protesters screaming at the top of their lungs.

First of all, the unions wouldn’t simply have accepted the greater contributions to their own pensions and health insurance (greater contributions which, I should point out, I will also have to pay). If Governor Walker had come to them and asked them to make that kind of sacrifice, they’d have screamed. All the “demonizing workers” and “balancing the budget on workers’ backs” and “the deficit isn’t our fault” rhetoric still would have come out.

The only reason any of them are willing to accept those concessions now is: Governor Walker went further.

Keep in mind that the bill doesn’t eliminate the right to collectively bargain – it severely limits that right. It also doesn’t stop employers from asking employees what they want, or employees from telling employers what they want.

As for the last line: go ahead. Make our day. People are pissed enough that teachers are calling in “sick” to spend a day in Madison with their friends. Striking would be the biggest mistake you ever made.

And now, a few examples of liberal tolerance:

I started counting after I saw that sign. In all, I saw nine black people. One of them was a cop, and another was Herman Cain.

I wonder why the unions are so lily white?

Yeah, there were Mubarak and Egypt references, too, but I can only handle so many ignorant comparisons at a time.

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