Letterman vs. Bin Laden: Dave

Letterman vs. Bin Laden: Dave Letterman recently riffed on the news stories out there claiming that Osama Bin Laden’s son had taken over al-Queda with this top 10 list…

Top Ten Perks Of Being Osama Bin Laden’s Son

10. Sometimes lets you work the camera for his videotaped rants
9. Touching moment when he teaches you how to torture an infidel
8. As busy as he is, Osama always makes time for Jihad Father and Son Day
7. Drop the old man’s name at Kandahar TGI Friday’s and you’re looking at complimentary popcorn shrimp
6. Always asked to be celebrity judge at wet burqa contests
5. Has a surprisingly good collection of early 70’s Dylan records
4. Fast-track membership process at the Tora Bora Country Club
3. Would be great for picking up babes if you were allowed to talk to babes
2. You are one United States airstrike away from running the damn business
1. At butcher shop, you always get the tastiest cut of goat

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