The Sick Palestinian Culture: The

The Sick Palestinian Culture: The Israelis captured two would-be suicide bombers and both of them have instructive stories to tell. The first one of them was a 17 year old kid named Jallal Halil Jarar who originally asked the Islamic Jihad to become a suicide bomber but later changed his mind. Why did he change his mind?

“The latter (Jallal Halil Jarar) apparently refused, reportedly saying that he was afraid of the reaction of his parents and that the family’s home might be demolished in retaliation.”

Now a lot of people have sharply criticized the Israeli policy of demolishing the homes of suicide bombers and/or their parents. In fact, we’ve heard far more complaints about that than the Iraqi & Saudi policy of paying the families of suicide bombers a bounty for their children’s mass murders. Yet, we now see that this policy IS WORKING. There are in all likelihood Israelis alive today because Jallal Halil Jarar didn’t want his family to lose their house.

The second prospective suicide bomber, Umiya Muhammad Damaj, surrendered to the IDF AGAIN because she was afraid her family’s home might be demolished. But listen to how the Islamic Jihad had planned for her to avoid suspicion while she got in position to blow herself up…

“Damaj was contacted two weeks later and was reportedly informed that she would be given the opportunity to carry out an attack holding a baby as a disguise.”

Holding a baby as a disguise?!?!? Every time you think the Palestinians can’t sink any lower, they always find a new level of depravity, sickness, and evil to slither down too. As sick as the idea of blowing yourself and a baby up in order to kill enemy civilians is, do you know what’s even more twisted? What would have happened afterwards. After the carnage was over Umiya Muhammad Damaj would have had her face put on the Palestinian equivalent of a baseball card so it could be given out to Palestinian children. If she killed enough Israelis or any Americans, there would be a public celebration where candy would be handed out, songs would be sung, and her mass murder would of been publicly lauded. Then her family would be paid more money than they could earn in 5 years by the governments of Saudi Arabia and Iraq as a thank-you for Damaj’s twisted act.

That’s what Palestinian culture is really like and I for one have no qualms about calling it what it is; pure evil.

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