Liars, Thieves, & Hypocrites, By Mike Hendrix

Oh boy, is this ever rich”

From Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles In Liberal Hypocrisy, by Peter Schweizer

Who says that conservatives are racist because they don’t support affirmative action but has an abysmal record of hiring blacks?
a. Barbra Streisand
b. Michael Moore
c. Al Franken
d. All of the above
Answer: D. All of the above. Of the 112 people Franken has hired to work on his books, television projects and radio program, only one was black. Of the 135 individuals Michael Moore hired, only three were black. Barbra Streisand has hired 53 senior people to work on her film projects and only one was black.

Who says that corporations are “terrorists” and has said “I don’t own a single share of stock” but secretly owns shares in Pentagon contractors like Boeing, pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, and even Halliburton?
a. Barney Frank
b. Gloria Steinem
c. Michael Moore
Answer: C. Michael Moore. According to IRS records, Moore owns at least several hundred thousands of dollars in stock and has a broker, even though he has repeatedly claimed he doesn’t “own a single share of stock.”

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Who says that Americans need to consume less to stave off ecological disaster, but spends $22,000 a year to water their lawn?
a. Hillary Clinton
b. Barbra Streisand
c. Rob Reiner
Answer: B. Barbra Streisand. The singer, who says that cutting back is the only way to protect the environment, lives alone with her husband on a compound with five homes and a 12,000 square foot air conditioned barn.

Who says the rich need to pay their fair share and favors the estate tax, but hides his own assets in numerous trusts, including one in the faraway Pacific island of Fiji?
a. George Soros
b. John Edwards
c. Ted Kennedy
Answer: C. Ted Kennedy. The Kennedys have transferred more than half a billion in money from generation to generation but according to their own records paid only $34,000 in estate taxes. Their largest asset, the Merchandise Mart real estate company, was in a trust domiciled in Fiji.

Who has proclaimed themselves a corporate activist but has made money by investing in companies they were protesting against?
a. REM’s Michael Stipe
b. Ralph Nader
c. Alec Baldwin
Answer: B. Ralph Nader. When Nader went after Firestone in the 1970s he made stock investments in Goodyear, their main competitor. When he campaigned for the breakup of Microsoft in 2000, he invested hundreds of thousands in other high-tech companies that stood to benefit.

God, what a revolting passel of leeches. The book, which ought to be a best-seller, can be had here. I got almost all of them right, but still managed to miss one or two. It all only goes to show that it’s simply not possible to exaggerate the staggering plenitude of self-righteous hypocrisy these worthless crumbums are only too happy to inflict on the rest of us. Marie Antoinette, call your office, please.

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