Two Teleconferences

Yesterday, thanks to the fine folks at World Ahead Publishing, I was able to participate in a teleconference with Juanita Broadrick and Kathleen Willey, fresh off of their visit to the Clinton Library.

It was interesting to hear what both of them had to say and it was pretty clear that they both intend to be thorns in Hillary’s side as she runs for the White House. At one point, they said they intend to try to have a face to face with Hillary to ask her, publicly, about what her husband did to them. That would be highly entertaining.

Today, I was invited to a blogger teleconference with Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, one of the Senate’s biggest deficit hawks. If we had 100 Senators like Tom Coburn, deficits would be a thing of the past.

The Senator talked about getting spending under control, but he made it clear that there just are not enough other Senators, on either side of the aisle, who are serious about cutting the deficit. Basically, I took his message to the blogosphere to be: “Those of us in the Senate who want to cut spending need the blogosphere’s help to make it happen.” So, if you’re a blogger looking to hammer away on government spending, hit it hard! It’ll help Senators like Tom Coburn get the job done.

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*** Update #1 ***: A few more details on the Coburn conference call.

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