Liberal Commentary, Obtuseness, and Rush Limbaugh

Whenever you read commentary by a liberal about Rush Limbaugh you can be sure of two things. One, they never listen to him, and two, they don’t seem to get the whole sarcasm thing.

Case in point. Robert Schlesinger at wonders why Sarah Palin wouldn’t jump on Rush Limbaugh for using the word “retarded” as she did with Rahm Emanuel. Umm… maybe because Rush was using sarcasm to make fun of Emanuel? Maybe because he was ripping on the stupidity of Rahm Emanuel?

Schlesinger then finds one quote from Rush that proves he must be anti-woman or something. The offensive quote? That he loves “the women’s movement–especially when walking behind it.”*


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It really has to be the most offensive, degrading, disgusting thing regarding women that can be found on the internet (for you liberals out there…that is sarcasm). Really. Keep in mind, this comes from the same people who still support to this day, a President that used women throughout his life…President Clinton

Good grief. These people don’t have a clue or a sense of humor.

Schlesinger ends his self righteous piece with “Gov. Palin? Your move.”

Yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one Schlesinger. Maybe you could direct your feminist anger to your side, that continues to smear Palin with lies and derogatory remarks on her children, family, and looks.

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