Liberal Creeps Disrupt Another Campus Event. Big Surprise There.

Well, it seems we live in a police state, folks, and perhaps not surprisingly, Ann Coulter is somehow responsible. It seems she was giving a speech last night and….well, I don’t want to explain it just yet…not without acquainting you with the HORRIBLE OPPRESSION described by someone who says he was there.

The description you are about to read comes from krikkit4, who has a Daily Kos diary:

“Others asked how the police officers were able to sleep at night.

I hope to god that they cannot.

I severely hope that they understand that they are merely agents of oppression, not the people.

I want each and every one of those order-following, faceless, inhumane, automata to realize that they are guilty of nothing less than the political suppression of a dissident and would look far more apropos dressed in brown instead of blue.

There is no freedom of speech in the United States of America. Unorthodox opinions and words that conservatives find naughty are pretexts for stifling dissent. Stifled by force. No questions asked. If they are, then there are no answers.

We live in a police state. Miniscule goons that are lacking moral compasses and who are equipped with badges and guns are able to break the law and incapacitate people without probable cause or any charge that will hold up in court.

For simply causing a conservative hate-monger to choke in mid-air, these blue-shirts are able to act completely contrary to the laws and rights granted in the foundation, the bedrock of our democracy.

The police do not serve me.

The police do not serve you.

They are not there to serve and protect.

They are not there to uphold law and order.

The police are not agents of the people.

They are agents of power.”

So what happened here? What did the police, otherwise known as “Miniscule goons that are lacking moral compasses” to liberals like krikkit4, do wrong?

Well, Coulter was in town to do a speech at the University of Texas at Austin. Most of the people who were there were undoubtedly fans of Ann Coulter and wanted to hear what she had to say.

But of course, there were liberals involved who don’t think Ann Coulter should be allowed to speak on a college campus. So, they tried to disrupt the event. Here’s krikkit4’s description of what they were doing:

“We shook our heads, sighed, and externalized our consternation through various hand gestures and motions. We sarcastically laughed and gasped at every attempt she made to distort the question asked into something that painted the questioner as an incomprehensible, inaccurate idiot-there were three. We shouted back in anger at every question shrugged away with mere character asssassination-there were too many to count.

My blood boiled a bit. Less masochistic progressives had enough and stormed out at various times. Coulter herself threatened to leave on two occasions for all the heckling.”

So they’re shouting, making noise, getting up and walking out, throwing up “hand gestures” (the bird?) and doing everything else possible to interrupt Ann Coulter and ruin the whole event for everybody else. It’s like the sort of cretin who sits in a movie theater having a loud conversation to the 5th power on his cell phone.

Quite frankly, they all should have been kicked out for being disruptive long before Ajai Raj got arrested…. and, yes, he’s the one who caused krikkit4 to blather on about what a police state we live in.

What did he do you ask? According to the police report, provided helpfully by the The Smoking Gun, Raj was arrested for disorderly conduct after he:

“(A)pproached the microphone and stated “so….what do you think about conservative men that all they do with there wives is f*ck them in the @ss.” Raj then ran 30 yards from the microphone back up the aisle to his seat making a repeated motion with his right arm and hand, which was cupped in a circular shape, towards his crotch area simulating masturbation. The statement and the following act, intentionally committed by Raj at a public venue, incited an immediate breach of peace within the crowd.”

Oh, how this liberal poster boy Ajai Raj was oppressed. Here he is in public, dropping “f-bombs” and pretending to masturbate in front of the audience — that included children under 10 according to the police affidavit — and they arrest him.

Don’t those “faceless, inhumane, automata” understand that it’s OK for liberals to be as obnoxious as they want in public because they’re liberals? Who wants to live in a world where liberals can’t shout through a lecture, run around pretending to masturbate, and generally ruin events for everybody else without suffering any consequences?

You would think that liberals in this country would have enough common decency and respect for the opinions of other people to condemn, not celebrate or wink at, this sort of behavior. Unfortunately, for the most part, that’s sadly not the case.

*** Update #1 ***: Here are some more details about what happened from a liberal who attended the event and was disgusted with the behavior of the protestors. From the Daily Texan:

“It baffles me that the protest crowd has not realized how absurd they look when they do things like this. Questions last night were particularly wacky. The first guy decided to ask her a question loaded with rhetoric, and as she responded, blew a noise maker at her, walked away making farting noises and giving her the finger.

The highlight of the night, however, was the erudite chap who decided to press Ann Coulter on her marriage philosophy. This gentleman’s contribution needs little elaboration.

After waiting in line before the podium he had his turn to speak. At this point he posited, “You say that you believe in the sanctity of marriage … how do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but f*ck his wife up the @ss?”

He then stormed away making gestures of, shall we say, self-pleasuring, as his cronies in the back cheered wildly and everyone else’s jaws dropped. This was inappropriate, uncalled for and entirely pointless.

I had the pleasure of sitting across the aisle from a family and watched a mother putting her hands over her young daughter’s ears.”

Nice, real nice…

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