Liberal Feminist Skank Shaming

Dr. Melissa Clouthier wrote a post criticizing Amanda Marcotte over at Pandagon for being morally retarded enough to think that wearing a “I had an abortion” shirt was a good idea and in part, Marcotte responded to Melissa by saying,

“Honestly, if (conservative women) were less anxious about sex, they could do it like normal people and quit having to find bizarre and frankly perverse ways to enjoy the touch of another human being.”

You know what I think when I see someone make some variation of the whole “You need to get laid” argument like that?

With a guy, it’s really “try hard” and sort of pathetic, but with a woman, it’s even worse. It’s something more like this,

Translation: “I may appear to be a complete trainwreck of a human being, but I can still get guys to hump me, so I’ve convinced myself that I must actually be cool.”

Newsflash: Any woman who wants to get laid can regularly get laid, so getting laid doesn’t mean you’re not a horrible mess of a human being.

Wait, does that count as “skank shaming,” “Ho shaming,” “slut shaming” or whatever the feminist blogs like to call it?

It probably does, but setting aside the fact that the wackos in the liberal feminist movement have gone from one extreme to another (It used to be “sex is rape” and marriage was evil until they realized how crazy that was decades after everyone else and then it switched over to being a slut is empowering for women), doesn’t it strike you as odd that this is what they want to copy from men? “Well, if men can get away with one night stands and screwing without commitment, women should do it, too — Girl Power!”

Whatever happened to, you know, encouraging people to improve their behavior instead of suggesting that they get down into the mud with the pigs? It’s not as if the whole find ’em, F’em, and flee mentality that some guys have hasn’t caused a multitude of problems for society. A large part of socialization and moral teaching in our country is aimed at convincing young men that it’s NOT right to behave like dogs and honestly, even most guys who do think that way eventually grow the hell up at some point.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that whole lifestyle is immeasurably worse for women because the VERY SAME GUYS who encourage women to be slutty and cheer them on in public will, behind closed doors, laugh at them and call them whores.

But, it’s the conservative women who have issues they need to work through. Yeah, right…

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