Obama Tries To Steal Half The Michigan Vote

It’s hard to know exactly how the Democratic Party is going to get out of the jam that they’ve created for themselves in Florida and Michigan, but this isn’t going to be it,

“Senator Obama firmly believes that the Michigan delegation should be seated in Denver. A 50/50 split of the delegates is an eminently fair solution, especially since originally Senator Clinton herself said the Michigan primary wouldn’t ‘count for anything.’

It’s now up to the Clinton campaign: they can agree to a fair resolution or they can continue trying to score political points and change the rules. It’s time to move forward. Senator Clinton should accept an equitable solution that allows Michigan to participate fully in the convention,” said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.”

Now let’s see: how does that mesh with Democratic rhetoric about making every vote count? In Michigan, Obama wasn’t even on the ballot, and the actual breakdown of the almost 600,000 votes was 55% for Clinton and 40% for “uncommitted.”

Granted, the fair thing to do would be not to count Michigan at all, but that’s not what Obama wants. Instead, a guy who got zero votes in the actual election and whose campaign helped thwart a revote, wants to have half the delegates just handed to him on a silver platter, presumably because he’s such a wonderful fellow. What arrogance…

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