Liberals: Life, Love, and Family are Controversy

As always, it’s nice to see that secular liberal society has it’s standards and priorities in tact.

The latest controversy that caused such a huff with the likes of the Huffington Post has been the highly anticipated “pro-life” ad run by Focus on the Family that featured college football player Tim Tebow.

Yes, the horror.

Liberal feminist activist groups including the National Organization for Women, the Women’s Media Center, and the Feminist Majority could have been spending some of their effort fighting against something that was actually relevant, like the over-sexualization of the media in its portrayal of women. But instead, they were flaling about and going into shock because CBS – suddenyl evil – CBS had DARED to accept an ad from a Christian organization known for it’s stance against abortion:

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A national coalition of women’s groups is calling on CBS not to air the ad.

“This campaign is about holding CBS and the NFL and the other Super Bowl advertisers accountable,” said Jehmu Greene, president of the Women’s Media Center, “for inserting an exceedingly controversial issue into a place where we all hope Americans will be united, not divided, in terms of watching America’s most-watched sporting event.”

A spokesperson for CBS told the Associated Press that the network had approved the script for the ad and that it would ensure that any issue-oriented ad was “appropriate for air.”

“This ad is frankly offensive, ” said Erin Matson, the Action Vice President of the National Organization for Women, speaking of the Tebow commercial. “It is hate masquerading as love. It sends a message that abortion is always a mistake.”

“Hate”? “Exceedingly controversial”? “Offensive”? Now that the ad has been shown, we can judge for ourselves:

Tebow Ad

Is it just me, or was this the LEAST controversial, most wholesome ad that played during the entirty of Super Bowl Sunday?

But at the same time, I can see why the feminists have all got their panties in a bunch. This simple, innocent commerical with a subtle pro-family, pro-life, pro-love message is exactly what the liberals DON’T want you to be seeing. They’ve actually got good reason to be flaling about as they do: it’s called fear.

They know, as we do, that the truth really isn’t on their side. And the more people find this out, the more the secular liberal agenda will fail in this historically God-fearing, value-respecting nation.

And if this is the case, we can expect see see far more “controversies” in the future.

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