Liberals Love America, BUT… By Joe Mariani

Liberals always insist that they love America, despite their constant complaints, but they can never seem to point out exactly what it is they love about it. Whereas most Americans can simply say, “I love my country,” and leave it at that, Liberals always have to follow that statement with a “BUT…” But what?

Consider a relationship in which one person demands that the other change his or her taste in music, books, television shows, movies and style of dress. Imagine that person also being coerced to stop wasting time with cherished recreations, cease eating favorite foods, alter old habits and drop old friends. Is that indicative of a healthy relationship? It’s a selfish, controlling kind of affection… “I love you not for who you are, but for what I can change you into.” That’s how Liberals seem to feel about America.

Ask Liberals why they love America. Really listen to their answers. Do they say they love America for her tolerance and diversity? Then why do they not tolerate those who have opinions that differ from their own? Do they profess to love America’s economic opportunities? Why do they want to cripple businesses with oppressive regulations and punish those who succeed with higher taxes? Do they tell you they love America for her beautiful forests, plains, rivers and mountains? If so, why do they complain about the manner in which those lands became part of this country, and demand that it all be preserved as if behind glass? Do they claim to love America for the freedoms we enjoy? Why, then, do they despise the military and police that protect our freedom? Why do they protest our military for helping others secure freedom for themselves and their children?

Liberals claim to support our military… but it’s an odd kind of “support” that primarily consists of comparing them to Nazis and Soviet thugs, and accusing them of torture and wanton slaughter. What kind of “support” calls for them to abandon their mission before it’s completed, and run away from an enemy who chose this fight? How can you say to someone, “I support you, but despise everything you stand for and everything you do, and will take every possible opportunity to make my feelings obvious for all to see?” That’s not love and support; that’s utter contempt, lacking even the common decency to be honest about it.

There seems to be nothing about America of which Liberals whole-heartedly approve. When they encourage teachers to stop using red pens because red is “pretty frightening,” and feel that testing students at their grade level is “inherently unfair,” you know they can’t think much of our educational system. Liberals take no pride in our history, our political system, our traditions or our ability to exercise our religious freedom. Don’t they frequently accuse America of committing horrible atrocities and being a nation of religious extremists? Don’t they condemn patriotic displays and complain about “rigged” elections whenever they lose one, without serious evidence or reason? They claim they’re just looking at America “warts and all,” but the warts are all they see. Imagine saying to a person in earnestness, “Sure I love you, but you’re ugly, stupid and smell bad.” Wouldn’t any reasonable person characterise that as emotional cruelty, at best?

It’s time for America to get out of this abusive relationship. We’ve put up with Liberals bad-mouthing our country for far too long without putting up a defense. The next time you hear a Liberal insisting that he or she loves America and supports the troops, “BUT…” gently interrupt and ask, “why?” If you get an answer at all, it should be enlightening

This content was used with the permission of Guardian WatchBlog.

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