My Least Favorite People On The Right In Order

12) John Warner: A particularly embarrassing squish since he’s from a conservative state like Virginia.
11) George Voinovich: Crybaby.
10) Michael Savage: Like Ann Coulter except with 1/2 the talent and 1/4 of the charm.
9) Arlen Specter: I’ll never forgive him for trashing Bork.
8) Pat Robertson: Stick a sock in it, big mouth!
7) Jerry Falwell: Ditto my answer for Robertson.
6) Chuck Hagel: John McCain, Jr.
5) Duke Cunningham: Crooked.
4) Andrew Sullivan: Does he even count or has he done a full David Brock yet?
3) Christopher Shays: A RINO/Weasel hybrid.
2) Pat Buchanan: I agree with him on 80% of things, but he constantly harps on the other 20%.
1) John McCain: (R-NYT)

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