Life, Values, and California’s GOP Senate Primary

I doubt these views are particularly representative, from the comments at my essay yesterday on Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts:

Personally, I don’t give a whit about social conservatism. As far as I’m concerned, there is not much of a difference between progressives and social conservatives in that both want to tell me how to live my life. I want the government to butt out of my pocketbook as well as my bedroom. One reason I’m turning away from the Republican Party is this insane insistence that somehow they know better than I do what is good for me. How does that make them think they’re any better than the Democrats?

If the Republicans make the mistake of playing up abortion or other social issues in this election, they will lose. For now, I’m leaning towards voting for Campbell.

This person sounds more like a concern troll than anything, although there were a number of others at the thread taking issue as well. Of course, folks had more emotion than facts. And despite insinuations to contrary, I never said a word about a Barbara Boxer/Chuck DeVore matchup in the general. Folks seeem to think that California’s a wrap for the Dems. But don’t believe it. Republicans have long won statewide, and in 1992 Bruce Herschensohn narrowly lost to Boxer — and that’s after a scurrilous Democratic smear campaign suppressed conservative turnout with just days left in the race. And as far as this bit about keeping government “out of the bedroom” … well, for my money it’s the left that’s telling folks how to live. Just this week radical feminists launched a campaign against CBS, which plans to run a pro-life advertisement during the Super Bowl (focusing on college football star Tim Tebow, who was born after doctors advised his mother Pam to have an abortion).

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In any case, I’m reminded of the most powerful advertisement during campaign 2008, Catholic Vote’s “Life“:

Time will tell how things turn out in the California primary, but Tom Campbell — who recently jumped into the Senate race — has proudly proclaimed his “pro-choice” credentials. And Carly Fiorina — already squishy on pro-life issues — has emerged as the “California quota queen” of campaign 2010.

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