Living Wage? How about not dropping out of high school first? Message for black teens

Living Wage? How about not dropping out of high school first?  Message for black teens

I came across this interesting article of a 49 year oldhigh school dropout who wrote an open letter warning black teens, especially males, not to repeat the mistake he madedropping out of high school.wage1

That decision made a mess of his life and he still lives with the consequences of a choice he made when he was 16.The pain in his letter seems genuine in its intent to beg others not follow in his footsteps.

But, within his letter I came across a frightening statistic that is rarely spoken of in public:

“The numbers of minority males dropping out of high school are staggering,” he noted. “Over 70 percent of all prison inmates are high school dropouts.”

Let that sink in for a moment!

Progressives often complain about the over-representation of blacks in the prison system.However, we’re never told about the underlying self inflicted wounds (dropping out of high school) that makes that situation possible.

The article furthers explains:

“Causey was no stranger to working fast-food jobs to make ends meet, typically two at a time – Burger King, Rally’s, McDonald’s. It didn’t help him avoid living in poverty.”

Full article here

So I wonder.How many of those people who are striking against McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Ruby’s and other places dropped out of high school?

Maybe they don’t realize, if they dropped out of high school, that if Burger King decided to pay burger flippers $15 bucks an hour like they want, Burger King would have to charge the rest of us who graduated high school $21.50 a burger.

Life is the sum total of all our choices.Not all our choices are good ones, that’s just human.But, less than a handful of choices we make in our lives are supercritical with ramifications that will haunt us the rest of our lives.The writer of this open letter is making his case to others that dropping out of high school was supercritical choice he wished he never made.

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