London Muslims Say: Bombing=Blair Conspiracy By Scott McCollum

Charmaine Yoest in London via Powerline says the many of the Londoners she has interviewed just hours after the terrorist attack on their subway system think the bombings are Tony Blair’s fault:

“I interviewed three very ordinary, normal teenaged English Muslims… All three seem to be parroting Muslim talking points: ‘The bombings were a conspiracy by Blair to generate support for the war,’ they recited in a charming British accent… A young British black woman told me, ‘The bombings are Tony Blair’s fault – they killed a 100 thousand Iraqis – and it’s like a boomerang [coming back at the British].’ Most everyone [in London] I talked to believed that the British caused the bombing or had it coming. Of the dozen or so people I interviewed only white males in business attire expressed surprise that anyone would think the British were at fault. But these gentlemen were the minority. Most felt that the Brits were complicit.”

Yes, the dumb@ss Left still parrots the utterly ridiculous “100 thousand Iraqis” killed statistic posted by a British medical journal almost two years ago.

GlobalSecurity, a defense analysis firm based in Alexandria, VA, completely discredited the phony 100,000 Iraqi civilian casualty number as early as Fall 2003:

“The study was published in the October 29, 2004, online edition of The Lancet. ‘We estimate that there were 98000 extra deaths (95% CI 8000 – 194000) during the post-war period…’ from March 2003 through September 2004. CI refers to confidence interval.

But they did not find 98,000 additional deaths, but a range from 8,000 to 194,000 — a range is so broad as to be nearly meaningless. And of the 61 actual violent deaths attributed to Coalition forces, three were blamed on ground forces, while 58 deaths were attributed to ‘helicopter gunships, rockets, or other forms of aerial weaponry’ (p. 7). This might suggest that the air war had been infinitely more intense than previously believed, which is difficult to believe. For the ‘about 100,000 killed’ to be correct, almost all of these deaths would have been women and children killed by American air power, at a rate of nearly 200 a day. At least some of these deaths may have been due to the insurgency, since at least some Iraqis interpret insurgent car bombs as American cruise missile attacks.

These numbers would suggest that the US is fighting two wars: a well-publicized ground campaign in which US ground forces have killed over 5,000 enemy combatants this year [at an average rate of maybe 20 per day], and an invisible air campaign in which American helicopters are killing nearly 200 women and children every day. This is difficult to believe.”

If the “reality-based” community ever took some frickin’ remedial math courses rather than waiting to hear the numbers some intern at NPR came up with for Morning Edition, they would’ve realized that killing 100,000 people is the equivalent of killing every man, woman, and child in the city of Green Bay, WI. Ask a muckadoo the question: “How could Coalition Forces hide that fact from dozens of embedded reporters from diverse news agencies in 20+ nations?”

ANSWER: A conspiracy by Tony Blair in the spirit of the cunning plans often made by his fellow nefarious Englishman, Edmund Blackadder.

If I was Karl Rove, I’d be really angry that Tony Blair has stolen all of my conspiracy thunder over in Europe…

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