Luke Helder — Complete Moron:

Luke Helder — Complete Moron: The pipe bomber is an interesting topic for no other reason than his sheer stupidity. It was bad enough when this moron wrote a long, rambling, left-wing diatribe and actually signed his name to it. But then he said he was trying to create a “smiley face” with the bomb. You may not have thought Helder could keep the comedy coming, but the “Smiley Face Terrorist” keeps coming through in the clutch with gems like…

“During a phone conversation with his parents, he asked, “Mom, do you think I’ll go to jail for this?” said the Rev. Dennis Kampa, the family’s priest in Pine Island.”

Yes Luke, you are going to jail for the rest of your life. The first person who finds me a story suggesting that Helder is sick and needs help, not prison, or better yet, who finds me a story from the tinfoil hat crowd claiming that he’s a patsy in a much larger scheme gets a mention on the page if you send it to me.

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