US Base In Kabul Under

US Base In Kabul Under Personal Attack: Those crazy kids at National Lampoon have scooped the entire mainstream media to bring us all the details from the latest “personal” attack on our men in Kabul. Eat your heart out Geraldo Rivera!

“Unidentified Intruder: “We will f**k your American dogs.”

US Forces: “We don’t blame you. We’ve seen the Afghan women.”

UI: “Hey, ugly-face. We make jihad to America!”

USF: “Yeah, we were making jihad to your girlfriend, earlier. ‘Jihad’ so much fun that ‘jihad’ tears in her eyes when ‘jihad’ to say goodbye to us.”

UI: “Your mother is so fat, when she can only pray to Mecca 4 times a day because of the difficulty of getting up that the extra weight implies.”

USF: “You’re an idiot. In fact, you’re so dumb you couldn’t pass a blood test.”

UI: “You are the idiot, idiot.”

USF: “A camel-f***ing moron says what.”

UI: “What? …Hey, wait a minute! That is rotten trick! You are like piece of poop!”

USF: “What say we have a truce? Here, pull my finger.”

UI: “Naieee!!! It stinks, it stinks! You are evil goat’s @ss!”

USF: “I am like rubber, you are like glue. What bounces off me sticks to you.”

UI: “Is victory impossible? Retreat, retreat!”

Unconfirmed reports say the intruders suffered heavy injuries to their pride during their panicked flight from the scene. A subsequent sweep of the area found a 1980’s-vintage book of “snaps” believed to have been given to the Mujahideen by the US for use against the Soviets.”

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