Man murders his pregnant girlfriend’s child by slipping her an abortion pill

Man murders his pregnant girlfriend’s child by slipping her an abortion pill

Another disgusting man gets away with murder for pleading guilty. The article states that under a plea deal the murder charges against John Weldon were reduced to tampering with a consumer product and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The path that got him there was sordid to say the least.

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John Welden of Tampa, Florida gave his ex-girlfriend Remee Jo Lee pills and told her they were antibiotics – but they induced an abortion. He gave her the pills ‘because he was worried about his other girlfriend finding out about the pregnancy’. Welden’s father is prominent Tampa fertility doc Dr. Stephen Welden, whose signature Welden forged to get the abortion drugs

The Florida fertility doctor’s son who caused his girlfriend to miscarry their baby by tricking her into taking an abortion pill was sentenced to over 13 years in prison on Monday. John Andrew Welden, 28 of Tampa was handed nearly the maximum sentence he could receive as part of a plea deal in which he admitted to signing his father’s name to a prescription.

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Welden then swapped out the label for the abortion drug Cytotec with one for an everyday antibiotic and fooled his girlfriend Remee Jo Lee, 27, into taking the pill. She was six or seven weeks pregnant when she miscarried. Welden pleaded guilty in September to tampering with a consumer product and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. He had faced a possible life sentence if convicted of his original charge, killing an unborn child.

The couple hit it off after meeting at the gentleman’s club she worked in and soon started seeing each other. ‘He went through a long-term relationship with a young woman named Tara. He said that that relationship had ended,’ she recalled. ‘He never even used condoms with me,’ Lee said, adding that he would tell her he loved her. ‘I was well aware of what could happen.’

Welden was a doctor’s son working:  toward a degree in biomedical sciences and religion. When she told him:  she was pregnant, he did not take the news very well. ‘Oh God, I want to die. Are you serious?’ Is what Lee said Welden texted her:  when she sent him a picture of the pregnancy test results. Remee,:  please don’t do this, I beg you. I am destroyed.’

Welden took her to his father’s:  office soon after for a prenatal exam and the next day he called her to:  tell her she had a mild infection and needed to take medication to clear it up. ‘He worked for his father, at his:  father’s clinics. So it wouldn’t be strange or uncustomary, you know, to call me personally,’ said Lee. ‘He said I had a mild infection. I just:  needed to clear it up, that it would not hurt the baby.’:  Welden then gave Lee what he told her were amoxicillin pills, as well as prenatal vitamins. After taking one of the pills on her:  way to work, Lee told 20/20 she went from ‘being pregnant and sick with morning sickness, to a horrible pain, like someone had shoved a:  bayonet into my stomach.’ Lee has spoken out about her heartache over the termination saying: ‘I:  wanted this baby more than anything. Not because it was Andrew’s, but it was my baby as well.’

He’ll begin serving his 13.8 month sentence on Wednesday. He apologized profusely during the hearing and as he left. He was originally charged with murder but under a plea deal the charges were reduced to tampering with a consumer product and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. He is currently awaiting sentencing. Lee told 20/20how the tragic event took place seven months into her relationship with Welden, who:  was in a five-year relationship with another woman at the time.

If you ask me this disgusting young man got off with a slap on the wrist. I am appalled that the court system passed over the fact that he took a helpless baby from it’s mother by murdering it. He will be serving in a low security facility. He’ll remain on house arrest until turning himself over to the U.S. Marshal’s service by 9:30 a.m. this Wednesday to begin serving his sentence.
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