Man ‘threatened with jail by cop who shot his dog & prevented him from taking the bleeding animal for treatment’

Man ‘threatened with jail by cop who shot his dog & prevented him from taking the bleeding animal for treatment’

A man says that he was threatened with jail by a police officer in Atlanta after he tried to tend to his bleeding dog which the officer had just shot in the jaw.

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The incident occurred on Thursday evening when Doctor, a nine-year-old German Shepherd, ran to the front of owner Tim Theall’s Georgia home after being let out of the backyard. Before Theall could catch up with his lively pet, two gun shots rang out. A DeKalb County police officer investigating a false house alarm call at the house had been caught unawares by the dog and shot him in the throat.

Fortunately Doctor was still alive, although bleeding profusely. Theall says he can understand why the officer shot his pet in the heat of the moment, but it’s what happened next that shocked him. When Theall and his wife attempted to take the animal to the vet for treatment, the officer refused to let leave the neighborhood.

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‘No steps were taken by DeKalb police whatsoever to try to save my dog’s life,’ Theall told NBC Atlanta.

‘The dog was still alive, clearly bleeding like crazy and the police officer blocked my exit,’ Theall continued. ‘Finally he convinced me that I would be thrown in jail if I didn’t just stay where I was.’

Fortunately Doctor survived the shooting wound, but when his owners finally made it to the vets they were told he needed $8,000-worth of oral surgery on a fractured jaw and busted palate. Theall’s wife, Melissa Brewer, set up a gofundme account to help try and pay for the pricy medical expenses. On the page she wrote that the police officer would not allow the couple to take Doctor for help ‘due to procedure.’

When a second officer arrived 20 minutes later, ‘we found out that procedure was just to take pictures of the bleeding dog.’

She also said that the police officer who pulled the trigger said that animal control were on their way to assist Doctor.

‘I find out that animal control was told to come pick up a dead dog and had no idea about the dog needing help,’ she wrote.

A DeKalb County police spokesman said that while he understands the couple were frustrated, the officers needed to keep Doctor at the scene in order to preserve evidence of the shooting.

This story is a great example of putting protocol ahead of people (or dogs). It’s a shame these police officers thought it was a good decision to let a dog die while waiting for someone to take a picture. Glad Doctor the dog survived while humans stood around bickering and following ‘procedure’.

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