Maybe The Iraqis Would Have Been Better Off If Saddam Were Still Around

Maybe The Iraqis Would Have Been Better Off If Saddam Were Still Around: The lengths that today’s Democratic party will go to in order to take shots at Bush just boggles the mind.

Here’s what Howard Dean, a man who actually has an outside chance to win the Democratic nomination for President had to say when Wolf Blitzer asked him if the Iraqi people were better off under Saddam….

“We don’t know that yet. We don’t know that yet, Wolf. We still have a country whose city is mostly without electricity. We have tumultuous occasions in the south where there is no clear governance. We have a major city without clear governance.”

Translation: Sure Saddam was a murderous tyrant who oppressed his people, but he kept the trains running on time. Maybe the Iraqi people would be better off if he was still around…

How can anyone, especially someone running for President of the United States have such a low regard for freedom? Just think about what Howard is really saying.

According to Human Rights Watch, Saddam had 200,000 to 300,000 Shiites assassinated in the last two decades, but on the other hand there are “tumultuous occasions in the south where there is no clear governance,” so that’s a wash. Sure, “(p)ast cases of Iraqi Torture have involved medical experimentation, beatings, crucifixion, genital mutilation with an electric carving knife, committing rape while the victim’s spouse is forced to watch, nailing the tongue to a wooden board, and using bees and scorpions to sting naked children in front of their parents.” But on other hand, let Howard Dean remind you that the power in Baghdad isn’t back on yet so who’s to say which is better?

Come on, even an anti-war Dem like Dean should at least be able to admit that the Iraqi people are better off with US there trying to help them build a Democracy than with Saddam Hussein’s goons working on people’s genitals with electric carving knives. But no, Dean can’t even admit that because Bush is at the helm and that would mean giving him the credit he deserves. The fact that a hack like Dean is a serious candidate for President just shows that the Dems are still a bunch of McGovernites at heart.

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