The US Is Obviously The Most Benevolent World Power In The History Of The Planet

The US Is Obviously The Most Benevolent World Power In The History Of The Planet: Apparently, Mark Goldblatt created quite a bit of controversy last week when he, “mentioned that the blame-America mindset characteristic of the antiwar movement’s true believers was difficult to maintain, “in light of the manifest truth that America is the most benevolent world power in the history of the planet.”

Of course, that’s plainly the case and as Goldblatt states, “the rest of us are left to ask who are America’s chief competitors for the title of most-benevolent world power? Ancient Greece or Rome? The Mongols under Genghis Khan? France under Napoleon? The British Empire? Nazi Germany? Imperial Japan? The Soviet Union?”

If you believe that any of those nations was more congenial than the US, then either you have no grasp of history or you’re so blinded by anti-Americanism that you’re not able to admit the truth.

But, if you want to “proof” that America is a “gentle giant”, you see the evidence of it at every turn. Our neighbors Mexico and Canada have mediocre militaries not only because they don’t fear a US invasion, but because they’re confident that the US would protect them if they were ever attacked. Then look to the anti-American natons in Europe that rely on powerless international agencies like the UN and the WTO to protect them from the eeeevvviiiiillllll American hegemon. If they really feared the US, wouldn’t they have already built real militaries to defend themselves? Even monsters like the Taliban and Saddam Hussein consistently moved their troops into areas filled with civilians because they knew we’d make every effort to avoid killing innocents in a war. Last but not least, just look around the world in the “hot spots”. Who’s standing between Taiwan and China? Which nation has been leading the charge to make peace in the Middle-East? Is it American or France that India and Pakistan bring in when those nations move to the brink of nuclear war? Is it Switzerland, Belgium, or the good old USA that has been keeping the peace on the Korean Peninsula for decades? I could go on and on with this. In short, if you’re a nation in trouble, who ya gonna call? If you need a hint, it isn’t China, Germany, or Russia.

So why can’t everybody just admit that America is a greathearted nation? Well as Goldblatt points out, there are people like Noam Chomsky and Gore Vidal who make a living smearing the US. Then there are leaders like Chirac and Schroeder who think they benefit politically at home and perhaps all across Europe by attacking the US. Moreover, there are plenty of cultural “snobs” in Europe who just can’t understand how a bunch of “barbarians” in the US can be outperforming them. Of course, plain old envy figures in as well.

Then there’s what I think of as the “fairy tale effect.” That comes from people comparing the United States to ideals that could never exist anywhere except in fairy tales then deciding that we don’t cut the mustard. “Oh the United States slaughtered the Indians, had slavery, and used dirty tactics across the world while it was fighting the Soviet Union. That means the United States is a terrible country!” Whenever I hear people using that line of reasoning, I always think of people who sneer at the rich because they’d, “give all the money they had away if they were wealthy”. Sure, that’s very easy to say when you’re not wealthy just like it’s very easy for other nations to talk about how much better off the world would be if they were as powerful as the United States. But, when you look at the nations that have actually been as mighty as the US is right now or at least close, you’ll discover that we have been far and away the most magnanimous and benign power of our size that the world has ever seen.

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