Maybe we need an Everybody Speak Politically Day?

We’ve had Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, to protect the ideal of free speech from two kinds of people: those who will threaten violence in order to suppress speech they don’t like; and those who will give in to the threats.

We might also need an Everybody Speak Politically Day, too, for very similar reasons.

Via Reason, Ed Morrissey says the FCC might still be thinking about blogging as campaign speech, eligible for regulation:

If the Democrats in Congress wanted to ensure that the FEC would not investigate political speech by bloggers, they would have written their exemptions to include bloggers instead of just traditional media outlets. The purposeful lack of exemption for bloggers looks ominous indeed – and could be used to harass smaller, unfunded bloggers out of the realm of political debate.

The idea is: by supporting or opposing a candidate, a blog can influence voters. The farther reaching a blog is — the bigger the blog’s readership — the more influence the blog has. This, the logic goes, is akin to spending money on commercials.

Thus: bam. Regulation.

Well. This particular blogger proudly supports Scott Walker for Governor of Wisconsin. Sean Duffy for the Best-Looking Congressional Race…Ever. If you live in a place where you can vote for them, then please do. It’s the right vote, in more ways than one!

Come and get me, FCC. I’m a blogger, so, y’know, it’s not like I can run very far.

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