Meanwhile, in war crimes news today…

this story:

KABUL, Afghanistan — U.S. and Afghan troops repelled attackers wearing American uniforms and suicide vests in a pair of simultaneous assaults before dawn Saturday on NATO bases near the Pakistani border, including one where seven CIA employees died in a suicide attack last year.

If you’re keeping score at home, yes: donning the enemy’s uniform to gain an advantage in battle is against the Geneva Conventions.

The raids appear part of an insurgent strategy to step up attacks in widely scattered parts of the country as the U.S. focuses its resources on the battle around the Taliban’s southern birthplace of Kandahar.

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Also Saturday, nearly 50 female pupils and teachers were rushed to the hospital after an apparent toxic gas attack at a Kabul high school, the government said. It was the second case of poisoning at a girls’ school in the capital this week. Officials suspect the Taliban, who oppose female education.

Attacking noncombatants: also a Geneva violation. And: toxic gas? But isn’t that…a weapon of mass destruction?

Hey, President Obama, leave Gitmo open! We can keep these guys forever.

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