‘MEChA Boy’ Raúl Grijalva Tries to Save Face on Push for Arizona Boycott

That’s not my headline, actually.

Or, at least I borrowed the ‘MEChA Boy’ part from Glenn Spencer, who links to the Arizona Daily Star, “Fight SB 1070, Artists Urged“:

A group of artists, backed by U.S. Rep. Raúl Grijalva, unveiled a new coalition to fight Arizona’s new immigration law Thursday, offering an alternative for acts that might otherwise cancel performances in protest.

Grijalva, who called for a limited boycott to pressure the state to reconsider the law, said artists have historically been at the forefront of social change through words and images.

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“We need those symbols, we need that sound and we need those images,” he said, adding that the law has opened political and social divisions.

He said the coalition allows progressive performers to come here without compromising their opposition to the law.

David Slutes, a Tucson musician and an organizer of Artists for Action, said the group plans to call acts, such as Los Lobos, that canceled events in protest of the law to try to get them to reconsider. Groups that are going ahead with scheduled performances are being asked, at a minimum, to allow voter registration tables to be set up.

Yolanda Bejarano, a Phoenician and member of the band Snow Songs, said it’s important to bring progressive voices to Arizona and get the word out that all Arizonans shouldn’t necessarily be lumped in with the “small-minded Legislature” that passed SB 1070. “The law was passed by a partisan Legislature and signed into law by an unelected governor,” she said.

Actually, Rep. Grijalva called for a full boycott of the state previously. See, “Democrat Rep. Raul Grijalva calls for a boycott of his own state.” This pendejo should apologize to Arizonans before he starts calling on “progressive” musicians to help him save face.

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