Meeting Palin!


The guy who runs new media for the TLC show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” asked me and Bobby over at the Tubular blog to do a podcast with them for the website. They liked the whole “red team vs. blue team” thing. It should be up tonight. I’ll link it then. He asked some really good questions.

Well, he interviewed us at Borders this morning where Sarah was doing a book signing. So after the interview he let me stand with him where only Sarah’s people were, and in she walked. Looking gorgeous as always. I took a few pictures. I just didn’t want to be obnoxious and get a pic with her. They weren’t allowing pictures from the customers, but I got to take them from where I was standing, about 3 feet from her. I got to listen for awhile all the nice (and crazy) things people said to her. Piper was with her. So cute. Piper went downstairs to look at some books and the next thing you know, people are lined up to get her to sign the book! Too funny. I did get a signed copy. Some people told me they had waited in line since 5pm yesterday. I love Sarah, but I’m not waiting in line for anyone. There are perks to this new media thing.

Oh, the funny part? The guy who runs her new media is a liberal! Isn’t that funny? But he is good at what he does, and it’s his job. I had met him before. I think he’s starting to feel differently about conservatives. He told me at a party in Austin that conservatives are a lot friendlier and happier. Naturally, I agree.

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