Yesterday morning on Fox and Friends they had several young African American boys from a low income area who attended a charter school that boasts 100% college bound students. You guys know this is an issue close to my heart.

Gretchen asked them what made the difference in this school. One young man answered that in their community they didn’t have many fathers or father figures, and the teachers being almost all black males made the big difference.

Boys need fathers. This is at the core of the problems that affect the black community. These teachers being there and standing in, not only as teachers, but as role models, make ALL the difference. These boys went from having almost no hope to possibly attending Stanford or Georgetown!

These schools teach proper manners, attire, and responsibility. Now, having the education and skills, the world is their oyster.

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One of the people who have been involved in this type of school for many many years is Dr. Steve Perry. I have long admired him ever since one of the news shows featured his school a few years ago. He is Principal & founder of Capital Prep where 100% of students (predominantly low-income & minority) graduate as well and go to 4 year colleges. He is also now a CNN Education Contributor.

Here is a video where Perry interviews Kyle Anderson who has committed himself to mentoring young black men with The Greater Hartford Male Leadership Youth Program.

I’ve always said that the answer to our inner city problems is good men stepping up to the plate and mentoring the boys. These are two good men. If you are reading this and you are a black male, consider mentoring. You will receive much more than you give. I promise you that.

Make a difference.

**On a unrelated note, my thoughts and prayers go out to Harry Reid and his family. His wife and daughter were injured in a care accident yesterday. I read that it’s non life threatening, but serious nonetheless. I pray for a complete recovery.

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