Mexico: Terrible Neighbors Make Bad House Guests

This is just the latest reminder of why we shouldn’t want 10% of a moderately hostile neighboring country residing within our borders as guest workers/Z Visa holders,

“The Mexico audience at the Miss Universe competition was not kind to Miss USA Rachel Smith as they actually booed the Tennessee beauty. Hostess Vanessa Minillo finally had to step in and ask the audience to pleas take a minute and allow her to answer the question. It was a sad display by the audience, but despite the rude crowd, she finished as fourth-runner up to the crown.

Reports claim that the controversy of the Mexicans booing Smith in the run-up to the finals was because of the “U.S. unfriendliness toward illegal immigrants.”

This is nothing new for our rotten neighbors to the South. Remember when they booed The Star-Spangled Banner and chanted “Osama” when the US and Mexican soccer teams met in the 2004 Olympics?

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Even if you set aside the enormous hostility and jealousy Mexicans feel towards us (which is nothing new by the way), Mexico is a poor, corrupt, backwards, socialist country. When we allow gargantuan numbers of illegal aliens from Mexico to come to this country, there is a real danger that instead of our assimilating them, they will make this country more like Mexico and any way you slice it, that is not something that Americans should want to see happen.

Also, you should never forget that 58% of Mexicans believe that the Southwest belongs to them. There are groups in the US that also believe that and protestors who carry signs at illegal alien rallies saying the same thing.

Eventually, if we have tens of millions of people from Mexico here, who see themselves as Mexicans, and think they’re on Mexican land, they are going to start killing people over it. You may think that can’t happen because it hasn’t happened yet on a large scale, but I’m sure that if you went back 30 years and asked the French if they’d ever have Muslims burning cars every night, joining rape gangs, and semi-regularly rioting, they’d have laughed and told you that it could never happen.

All the warning signs are there with these Mexican illegal aliens, so no one should be surprised if the people we’re thinking about giving Z-visas to today are burning cars, assaulting policemen, and murdering Americans 5 or 10 years from now if there is a change in the law and they’re told to go home or can’t get work any more.

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