Quoted At National Review On Ron Paul

Peter Suderman over at National Review mentioned me in a column on Ron Paul,

“John Hawkins, who runs RightWingNews and is an adviser to Duncan Hunter, another Republican-primary candidate, recently told the antiwar American Conservative, “Ron Paul’s people spam these polls… Paul’s our Dennis Kucinich. He’s not a conservative. He’s a libertarian. He’s a kook, and his supporters are pretty obnoxious.”

Actually, I’m a consultant for the Hunter campaign, not an adviser to Duncan Hunter. Also, I didn’t talk to the American Conservative for that article, they just quoted me.

PS: As I showed last week, with the GOP Straw Polls results, Paul’s support online is primarily driven by spam. Take away the spammers and Paul would finish near the bottom, if not in last place, in any poll of mainstream conservatives, online or off, on 2008 presidential contenders.

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Update #1: I am embarrassed to admit this, but I “misremembered” something in the original post. Dave Weigel did contact me and ask me for some quotes for that article at the American Conservative. I got it wrong because it was a long while back, I didn’t think the article ever ran, and I was — for some odd reason — confusing AC with antiwar.com.

Thank goodness I wasn’t talking to Patrick Fitzgerald when I said that or I’d be up on perjury charges faster than you could say Scooter Libby….

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