Michael Moore’s Democratic Party

“(U)nhinged and creepy lunacy is spreading like a virus through the left and not just on the fringes. Snapping them out of it is nearly impossible. Reminding them of 9/11 doesn’t help, it’s already an irrelevant historical event to them that no longer has anything to do with what we’re doing today. They will generally admit that Saddam Hussein is dangerous, but their words have the hollow ring of a mental patient telling a doctor that, ‘I really don’t think I’m Jesus anymore so can you please take the straitjacket off?’ They’re so paranoid that Conservatives can never get through to them. In fact, just mentioning this editorial to them will probably cause them to start screaming, “police state, police state, police state” while they start looking for the brown shirts who they believe are about to haul them away to a FEMA internment camp.”John Hawkins

Little did I know back in October of 2002, when I wrote that, how thoroughly that “unhinged and creepy lunacy” would permeate the ranks of the Democratic Party. Back then, for the most part, I was talking about left-wing columnists and forums. But today, the Democratic elite, Congressmen, Senators, even John Kerry, the Democrat’s candidate for President, are drifting deeper into the fever swamps of the left.

If you want evidence of this, you need look no further than the reaction to Michael Moore. Moore’s books sell like wildfire and his latest film, “Faherenheit 9/11,” spent a week at the top of the box office. Without question, Moore is talented, witty, and funny. He’s also a conspiracy nut who not only believes that we went to war with Afghanistan for oil, but that the US government is deliberately letting Osama Bin Laden run free. He has also claimed that there is no “terrorist threat in this country,” that Americans “are possibly the dumbest people on the planet,” and he has also compared the insurgents in Iraq, you know the ones that are sawing people’s heads off, to the Minutemen from the Revolutionary War. In short, Michael Moore is an America hating whack-job. (Cont)

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