Saddam Hussein Escapes Transfer, Assumed To Be Finding Real Evil Dictator By Steve Tanner

Saddam Hussein, the ousted Iraqi leader, was to appear before a special tribunal yesterday to hear charges arising from his 23-year dictatorship. Authorities say Saddam’s bus was struck by a train, overturned, tumbled, twisted, broke, spun, which in turn allowed him to flee captivity.

Hussein was captured by U.S. soldiers in December near his hometown of Tikrit, north of Baghdad. The 12 defendants were served with arrest and detention papers yesterday after they were placed under Iraqi legal jurisdiction.

“We believe he is still in the area.” Claimed US Marshal Samuel Gerard. “We have a calculated location where he might be, and we are taking the necessary procedures to catch him. But keep in mind, we will catch him.”

“Hussein is wearing orange prison garbs, and no longer had the beard he sported when he was caught, His hair is black, not gray, and he might be running really, really fast.”

Jacque Chirac, Friend and former co-worker of Mr. Hussein, says he questions the charges against the fugitive. “Saddam confided in me the existence of a real evil dictator. He gave mention of a one armed man who brutally murdered thousands of innocent lives while he ran a small shelter for abandoned animals in Tikrit. I believe Saddam in completely innocent. I also believe you shall never catch him, for he is too smart.”

“Is he as smart as you?” asked Mr. Gerard.


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