Michelle Bachmann: Obama Has Chosen Decline for America

Michelle Bachmann: Obama Has Chosen Decline for America

The lovely Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is star quality on every level, minus the diva attitude. Walking onto stage to the tune of “She’s a Lady,” (take that, cranky Arlen Specter), Bachmann was quick to remind the audience that it was her state that put up the “Miss Me Yet?” billboard that quickly became a hit around the country.

I am lucky enough to be the representative for these very creative, innovative businesspeople who put this wonderful billboard together. Let me tell you, they got their advertising dollar’s worth out of this billboard. I encourage you, use your creativity use your innovation, you have no idea what you will do to take back Washington, and they’re doing that in my district.

She went on to discuss her son, whose goal he had made it to convert one – just one – liberal into a conservative while he was at medical school. She was proud when he had accomplished this with his liberal roommate, and she encouraged everyone to do the same:

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Just think of the difference we could make. These elections won’t even be close if we change one person each.

She went on to talk passionately about our innate rights as human beings:

We are creatures made by God, and God made us with rights. These are rights that the government can NEVER take away from us. Government exists to secure these rights to the people.

Unfortunately, our current government has failed to do this; instead the Obama Administration has made strides in stripping Americans citizens of the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, each of which Bachmann delved into artfully.

Explaining that Americans have to “joy” of bein able to choose “greatness” or choose “decline,” she said of the President:

Decline can happen quickly, even to a great nation. It’s a sobering thought.

This is intending to fail.

They have left us holding an invoice of $105 trillion in unfunded federal liabilities. Sounds to me like someone is choosing decline.

Already, leftist bloggers are decrying Bachmann’s “controversial” statements. But there was not an ounce of malice, anger, or hatefulness in the Congresswoman’s long speech – not even against those she criticized. Her message was spoken with feeling, but more importantly, her message spoke the truth. And the left can’t stand it.

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