Mike Malloy: Mainstream Liberal

Mike Malloy, “a former news writer and editor for both CNN and CNN-international,” is a radio host on the US’ most prominent liberal radio network, Air America. He was also the focus of a puff piece on the Democratic Underground, one of the popular web pages out there today.

The piece on the DU was interesting because of some of the incredibly vitriolic and borderline insane quotes from Malloy that were included. Here we have a popular liberal website doing an article about a popular liberal radio host and here are some of the things that the writer obviously thought would appeal to their very liberal audiences:

“…(T)he truth Malloy tells is raw, straightforward, stripped of all spin — every word shoved right in the faces of those who have seized power to destroy the democratic safeguards of the U.S. Constitution, to steal elections, to abandon society’s most vulnerable, and to slaughter their own citizens as a pretext for war.

…Each night, Malloy exposes the Bush administration for what it is — a murderous, evil, lying, fascist regime. Each night, I am amazed that he has somehow managed to slip through enemy lines yet again to shout truth to power. He asks no quarter, and gives none, regardless of the consequences.

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…Like most progressives, Malloy is disillusioned with the state of the Democratic Party, but maintains he will always be a “traditional” Democrat. Republicans accuse him of being nothing but a “Bush basher” or a “left-wing nutcase,” but Malloy’s late-night “Paul Revere” cry emanating from Air America comes straight from a man who is angrily committed to ousting the criminals who are hell-bent on destroying all that is good and decent not only in this country, but throughout the world.

Considering the wounds inflicted on this country in the last five years, Malloy has concluded that the Republican Party is now the American Nazi Party, and most of its members are vile deceivers.

“Republicans are liars, cheats, and sneaks; they are deceivers,” he said. “They are immoral, and they have no ethical structure whatsoever…If they are Republicans, they are thugs. They have abondoned whatever moral sense they ever had, if any. They support mass murder. They support the destruction of this country.”

Malloy is not known for pulling punches when addressing the administration or the Bush Crime Family either. “I hate you to the depths of my soul,” he said. “I will hate you when I’m dead. I will hate you a million years after I’m dead…My hate will be a star in the firmament that will shine down on your Republican *sses forever. That’s how deep my hatred is, because of what you’re doing to this country.”

This, folks, is the sort of spew that will today get you a radio show on a liberal network, cause flattering articles to be written about you on liberal websites, and cause lefties all around the country to flock to your banner. This sort of wacky, caustic, tinfoil hat rhetoric is now completely acceptable in liberal circles. It’s part of the mainstream for them.

The left has kept their mouths closed about kooks like Moore, Malloy, and Sheehan and it’s really coming back to bite them in the behind. These loons absolutely appall the vast majority of Americans and the more their power, influence, exposure in the Democratic Party grows, the number of people willing to vote for the Democrats shrinks. One of these days, unless they want to go the way of the Whigs, the power players in the Democratic Party will realize that and step up and do something about it…

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