Turkish Movies & American Actors Vs. The US

This sounds like a really classy flick:

“In the most expensive Turkish movie ever made, American soldiers in Iraq crash a wedding and pump a little boy full of lead in front of his mother.

They kill dozens of innocent people with random machine gun fire, shoot the groom in the head, and drag those left alive to Abu Ghraib prison – where a Jewish doctor cuts out their organs, which he sells to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv.

“Valley of the Wolves Iraq” – set to open in Turkey on Friday – feeds off the increasingly negative feelings many Turks harbor toward their longtime NATO allies: Americans.

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The movie, which reportedly cost some $10 million, is the latest in a new genre of popular culture that demonizes the United States. It comes on the heels of a novel called “Metal Storm” about a war between Turkey and the U.S., which has been a best seller for months.

…The movie’s American stars are Billy Zane, who plays a self-professed “peacekeeper sent by God,” and Gary Busey as the Jewish-American doctor.”

So we have an anti-American film that assassinates the character of our soldiers in Iraq. Well, it’s not as if we should try to start an international incident over that — given that Hollywood has been sliming the troops for years as murderous, unstable drones who’d happily kick their own mother down the stairs if they got an order to do so.

But, the fact that Gary Busey & Billy Zane would participate in the film is bothersome. There was a time, back in WW2, when Hollywood was less liberal and more patriotic, where they actually wanted to do what they could to support the troops and war. However, today, in a time of war, we actually have actors going overseas to help shoot foul Anti-American propaganda.

It’s sad to see that they’ve sunk so low, but unfortunately, it’s hardly a surprise given the behavior of so many Hollywood stars over the last few years.

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