Miles of Oil Containment Boom Go Unused

Remember when Gov. Jindal begged for more boom on May 2nd to protect the coast a week after the oil spill? Seems this guy was ready. But as usual, red tape screws up everything. I think we need an answer to the question, why didn’t we use this boom?

John Lapoint of Packgen in Auburn, Maine cranked out plenty of floating oil containment boom figuring BP and the government would need it in wake of the oil spill disaster. According to Pajamasmedia, a BP representative has visited the factory and inspected the product. Senators wrote a letter to the secretary of the Interior, the administrator of NOAA, and the Coast Guard to let them know about this boom.

Still, nothing.

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It’s a sad state of affairs. Maybe instead of asking Hollywood movie directors for their ideas, we should have been protecting our coasts.

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